I’m Jonathan Dow, and this is my .com
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Tutoring Pay Scale
Hourly rate = 10(n+1)
where n = number of students
1 Student   = $20
2 Students = $30
3 Students = $40
4 Students = $50
Jonathan Dow
Welcome to JonathanDow.com
I’ve worked hard to clean this place up for you.
Your favorites are still here: the games, the blog, and the “Give me money” Button. I don’t think anyone ever looked at the other parts, but for my own amusement, I might put them back up. I might not. In order to afford rent and food and gas, (in that order) I’ve taken up tutoring. I do love teaching, but I’m not excited about a regular job at this point in life. I substitute in public schools and I tutor. Email me to let me know if I can help you.
Subjects and Credentials
Email me at me@jonathandow.com to let me know what you would like to see.mailto:me@jonathandow.comshapeimage_18_link_0